APN Billing celebrating its 4th Anniversary in a Special Way

Every chiropractor will agree to the fact that patient payment is the most difficult revenue to collect. With the rise in patient responsibility, collection has become a nightmare for chiropractic offices. If you are also sailing in the same boat, then here’s a fantastic offer you can’t resist.


In order to celebrate its 4th anniversary, APN Billing has come up with a bonanza offer. If you partner with us today, we will charge you just 3% on all your billing collections. Yes! You read that right. Our team will not only help you collect more but also charge you less.


  • According to McKinsey & Co, more than 55% of patient payment responsibility after insurance ends up in bad debt.
  • As per recent studies, patient financial responsibility collection complaints are on the rise in the US. It increased by 29% from 4484 in 2014 to 5785 in 2016.
  • It has been observed that practices having proper medical billing practices in place and performing insurance eligibility verification correctly are capable of managing patient collections easily.


How can APN help your practice?


To offset these financial challenges, adhere to debt collection regulations and maximise revenue, it is very important to ensure that billing at your practice is being handled by experts. This is where APN Billing comes into the picture. Our team of expert coders and billers will work on each claim, submitting them on time along with identifying, appealing and tracking claims that were denied incorrectly. As our experts will be handling the billing part, you and your staff will get enough time to focus on quality care.


Why medical billing needs to be improved?


As per industry experts, medical debt complaints are on the rise because of errors in medical billing procedure. Mistakes like incorrect payment entries in the billing system, provision of wrong demographic data or insurer-related glitch that delayed payment need to be avoided at all costs.


At APN Billing, we have been catering to the RCM needs of chiropractors from the past 4 years. Our job is to help chiropractors boost their collections while providing them with expert billing services. With this exciting offer, we aim to help more chiropractic offices achieve their targets and grow their practices. So what are you waiting for? Call us today for more details on the offer and on how we can help your practice grow!

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