Boosting Workers’ Compensation Collections for your Practice

As the nature of workers’ comp claims collection is complex and time consuming, it is very important to have trained staff who can maximize reimbursement in a timely manner.

Most of the workers’ comp claims are large and are often disputed by the payor/employee. At times, these are resolved by third party payor and the hospitals don’t get paid. In case of smaller claims, the employer can resist informing the workers’ comp carrier and try to force the employee into paying the bill themselves. They might also force the hospital to use the contracted payor of the employee which is a wrong thing to do.

Due to the complexities involved, not many providers are willing to take the necessary steps required for maximizing the payment of workers’ comp benefits. They then continue to force the payment of penalties and interest when the claims are paid untimely.

When outsourcing the workers’ collection process to a third party, providers can expect the following:

  • The billing team will identify as well as confirm the patient’s employer and workers’ compensation carrier.
  • The staff will electronically bill as well as submit the necessary documentation for workers’ comp carrier.
  • They follow-up with the workers’ comp carrier on a regular basis, confirming that the important documents were received, until the provider receives payments.

Workers’ comp collections can be a stressful job for most providers. Most of the times, providers don’t have the necessary resources or know-how to bill a worker injury case in the right manner. Since there are several special terminologies, legal obstacles and unique collection forms involved, it makes sense to let a billing company handle the billing task. They will be better equipped to ease the provider’s worries and provide them the necessary support to improve their returns on workers’ comp claims.

According to the industry experts, workers’ comp claims have always been somewhat a problem for practices and physicians. To help resolve the issues, seeking support of a reliable medical billing company can work wonders.

Also, billing for workers’ comp claims varies from one state to another. So if the billers aren’t well aware of their state’s guidelines, then getting paid will become next to impossible. It is very important that the medical billers know their state’s guidelines so that the provider’s practice stays in compliance and payments can be obtained on time.

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