Chiropractors get benefited by an incredible offer from APN Billing

Attention Chiropractors! Do you agree that patients and insurance companies are holding on to their funds longer, making it difficult for you to collect every dollar? Do you feel that you are turning into a debt collector rather than a care provider?

To solves all your revenue worries, APN Billing is here with its bonanza offer. We will take care of all your collection woes and charge you just 3% on all your billing collections.

Save More Earn More- Contact us Today!

We are celebrating 4 successful years of being in business and of helping chiropractors across the country collect maximum payments. If reimbursement pressure has become a huge concern for your chiropractic office, then our anniversary offer is the answer to all your worries. Don’t miss this golden chance to pay a minimal amount and leave no dollars on the table.

With our specialization in medical billing and collections services, you can rely on our highly-trained team that possesses best billing, coding and collection capabilities. We will assign your practice billing experts who will work on your accounts and ensure that you not only maximise collections but also eliminate “write-offs”.

What chiropractic offices need?

Chiropractic offices need a billing partner that will collect more than 98% of claims they process and will base their fees on the amount of successful collections they do.

  • As per a study by the Journal of American Medical Association, at academic healthcare systems, primary care physicians lose about 15% of their revenue to billing activities such as, calling insurance companies for estimates.
  • According to the industry experts, having to hire staff to just sit and hold with insurance companies to find out a patient’s deductible status is an unnecessary cost to the healthcare system.

There are several medical billing companies that charge a huge amount for helping their clients collect on time. But at APN, we will charge you just 3% for all your insurance collections. You will not only earn more about also save more if you partner with us today.

Imagine all that you can do with an extra $100,000 or $50,000 per year. From expanding your practice and buying new medical equipment to increasing the take-home pay, there is a lot that can be done from the money you will save if you take up our offer. So wait no more. Time is ticking.

Call us today at (786) 232-4454 and get the offer!

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