Guide to survive chiropractic billing issues in 2019

There is no denying that the chiropractic medical billing landscape is a tough one to navigate. If you don’t have expert billers and coders, it will become very difficult to reduce denials, increase monthly revenue and grow the practice.

In order to survive the challenges that 2019 is posing for the chiropractic business, here are a few tips that providers can consider to sail through:

  • Make sure that your chiropractic office management is efficient. If your office isn’t being managed well, you cannot implement a streamlined billing system. Office management and billing system are interdependent so you need to strike a balance. From evaluation of A/R and reduction of A/R to analysis of denials, improving coding and verification process and investing in a good practice management software, there are several ways to improve the financial process.
  • CPT coding and accuracy in documentation is of utmost importance if you want to stop losing money. With the right codes, your practice will be attracting less attention from the auditors. This is very important because chiropractors across the US are finding their claims and services under scrutiny from Medicare contractors all over again. You will have to ensure that your billing patterns and claim forms aren’t raising red flags to the wrong people.
  • Another effective tip to survive the challenges posed by 2019 is to hire a professional chiropractic billing company. Outsourcing will relieve the burden of in-house billing and free up your staff for other vital tasks. You will get time and energy to focus on patient care. Reputed companies work with trained billing experts who make use of the best software to boost cash flow and improve practices productivity. From reduced billing headaches and quick claim payments to steadier cash flow and increased revenue, there are several ways outsourcing can help grow your business in 2019.

It will be helpful if your practice is using cloud-based services, particularly if you are relying on in-house servers. From unlimited access and no disruptions to less maintenance and constant support, there are several reasons for choosing the same.

Chiropractors will also have to understand their codes and modifiers and ensure that their billing staff also stay updated with the same. They will have to identify if there is any room left for improvement in the billing process and make necessary changes for boost in revenue.

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