Only few days left for a one of its kind offer from APN Billing !

Ask any chiropractor what’s the biggest issue they are facing and they are most likely to say – collections. But not anymore. APN Billing has come up with the most exciting offer for all chiropractors. If you partner with us today, we will charge you just 3% on all your billing collections. Our experts will not only collect maximum payment for you but also charge you less.


If your existing billing company is charging you a hefty fee but collections are dwindling, then you must take up APN’s bonanza offer. This offer is a part of APN’s 4th anniversary celebration so only a few days are left for you to avail the same.


How we will help your practice?


  • We will not only provide you top-notch insurance billing services but also help you increase collections.
  • We will work on coding because error-free coding is the most cost-effective method to increase collections.
  • Our team of expert billers will work on denials and submit appeals because according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), it is vital to respond to and appeal improper denials, especially on medical necessity.


Rescue your under performing chiropractic office


In today’s economy, chiropractic offices are facing several challenges when collecting deductibles, co-pays and co-insurances from patients. If they don’t have expert staff, the problem becomes worse. They need a reliable medical billing partner that can help them navigate through revenue and administrative challenges and help their practice grow.


APN has been successfully catering to chiropractic offices from last 4 years, helping them earn more and save more. To help more practices in need, the company has come up with this one-of-its-kind offer on its 4th anniversary.


Increased Savings


Imagine the amount of money your practice can save if the billing company charges you less on your billing collections. Since a dedicated team will be handling your claims, you can expect your payments to accelerate. They will conduct regular follow-ups with the help of which collections and income of the practice will improve.


At APN Billing, we take pride in our team of coders and billers who are trained to bring you results.


So what are you waiting for? It is a limited period offer. Avail it today to strengthen your revenue cycle  like never before.


Call us today to know more about the offer.

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