Outstanding response for APN Billing’s Anniversary offer from Chiropractors based out of Florida

Is your chiropractic office in serious need of effective billing, coding and collection strategies? If the answer is yes, then you have a great opportunity to get your practice back on track. We are running a bonanza offer under which we are charging our new clients just 3% on all their billing collections. This offer has received outstanding response especially from chiropractors based out of Florida.


A growing number of chiropractors in Florida are facing challenges in terms of collections and billing. Reimbursement pressure has become a huge concern for them, so when they got to know about this offer many providers took advantage of it. By partnering with us, they will not only be improving their collections but also be saving money.


Reputed companies charge a huge amount for helping practices boost their collections. But we will be charging you just 3% on all billing collections. Imagine the amount of money you can save if you take up this offer!


It is very important that your chiropractic office is handling patient payment collection appropriately. If not, it can result in heavy penalties for your practice. But if you have a reliable billing company on board, you don’t have to worry about handling collections or following-up on patient payments. At APN Billing, we have the best team to help you with your revenue. They are equipped to help you maximise reimbursements and minimise risk of audits through sound billing and collection strategies.


APN specializes in billing and collections services for chiropractic offices across the US. When you partner with us, we will assign you a team of trained coders and billers who will handle your RCM to the best of their capabilities. They will work on your account and ensure that all “write-offs” are eliminated.


As your billing partner, we will help you collect more than 98% of claims that we will process and will base our fees only on the amount of collections we have done.


Collecting dollars has become a challenge for chiropractors as patients and insurance companies have started holding on to their funds longer. It seems that chiropractors have become more of debt collectors rather than care providers. But with APN, they don’t have to worry about their revenue cycle.


This limited offer might end soon. So call us today and grow your practice like never before.

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