Sail through Chiropractic Collection Woes with APN

Medical bill collection has never been an easy job for chiropractors. According to a consumer credit report survey, at least 42.9 million people with credit records have outstanding medical bills in the USA. This is a clear indication what a serious challenge patient payment collection is.

According to the MGMA, practices in the US write off 11.3% of total A/R from patients in one fiscal year. Just like any other specialty, chiropractors also face issues related to collections. In the absence of the right procedures, they lose a lot of money and when they hire a billing partner, the company charges them a huge percentage for collecting their payments.

If patient payment collection has become a challenge for your practice too, then APN Billing has the right offer for you. On our 4th anniversary, we have come up with a bonanza offer just for you. Partner with us today and enjoy fixed 3% on all your billing collections. Our professional team will not only help you collect the due amount on every claim but also save you money by charging a fixed 3%.

Save significantly with our Bonanza Offer

At APN Billing we understand that patient collection strategies involve more than just the traditional approach to derive payments. There is a lot that goes into the process, including patient follow-up programs, payment arrangement policies, point-of-service collections, setting up of online patient portals and so on.

Every chiropractic office is in need of a patient payment collection plan. This is because practices are relying on ever increasing patient responsibilities collections for maintaining or achieving acceptable practice revenue. In order to maximize collections and offer quality patient experience, there needs to be extra focus on patient collection strategies.

With our team of collection experts, you won’t have to leave hard earned money on the table. Our team will not only collect maximum payment for you but also charge you just 3% on all your collections.

According to the industry experts, it is harder to collect payments from a patient than it is from the insurance. Chiropractors across the US are fed up of turning into debt collectors. They are finding it difficult to focus on quality patient care as their time is getting divided between patient care and administrative burdens. So what are you waiting for? If you are sailing on the same boat, then partner with us to enjoy this exclusive offer today!

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